Quick Facts

About WinTrust

Founded in Portugal in 2006, WinTrust is a consulting and certifier company of Informations Systems and the only one in the national market combining the experience in the application of the best practices in Test Methodologies, with the independence towards any system integrator. Similarly,  WinTrust is in the area of Computing Engineering the same way a work company is in the area of Civil Engineering. An entity creates the work (system integrator) and the other entity (WinTrust) assures the product quality before it reaches the final user. More than 50% of its professionals are certified and WinTrust promoters have 20 or more years of experience in Software Engineering.

Foundation Date

  • 2006


  • Lisbon


  • Headquarters in Lisbon and I&D Centre in Braga.

Managing Partner

  • Filipe Nuno Carlos
  • Sérgio Pena Dias
  • José Fernandes

Business Volume

  • 2014:  17 826 k€
  • 2015 (p):  20 000 k€

Group Team

  • 40 specialized and certified Collaborators in several technologies and methodologies, within a team of 180 people (Timestamp)

Some Clients

  • BES, CGD, Millennium BCP, Banco de Portugal, Vodafone, ZON, TAP, CTT, MotaEngil, ACSS, SPMS, Estradas de Portugal, CERTIF and Novabase.


  • HP, SAP, Oracle, Optimyth, BestTesting, TestHouse, Visionware, Bravemind, Grupo HDI e Mediarcom.


  • Banquing and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Transports and Postal Services, Building Industry, Energy and Utilities, Public Administration and Services.


  • Software Tests – Performance and Functional Tests
  • Software Certification – Testing Lab qualified ISO/IEC 17025
  • Consulting in Test Methodologies
  • Mediation Services and Acceptance Tests  – Support to the final client


  • The implementation of critical systems is never compromised.


  • A Global Trustworthy Service Delivery, with their own consultants, through an Independent Verification and Validation, building Win-Win relationships.

Points of Culture

  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Global
  • Overcome
  • Return


Praça de Alvalade, 6 - 11º F
1700-036 Lisbon

Phone: +351 213 510 540  |  Fax: +351 213 510 549  |  info@wintrust-intl.com

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