Many software development teams focus their effort on defect detection (Quality Control) rather than on defect prevention (Quality Assurance). If the testing activity occurs exclusively at the end of the Project (Quality Control) a large part of the test execution benefits will be wasted. The testing activities should occur from the project day one and run continuously until final deployment.

Without a Quality Assurance approach it is very difficult to keep the Project within the triangle “scope-time-cost”. WinTrust is dedicated to contribute to this goal, with an involvement in Computing Engineering equivalent to an overseeing company in Civil Engineering projects: one entity executes the Project (development team) while another entity guarantees the quality of the final product (WinTrust).

WinTrust has been ground-breaking in nurturing this concept in Portugal. Based on the findings of the IDC study commissioned by PSTQB (Portuguese Association for Software Testing) demonstrating the trend for a growing demand of testing services, the adoption of this concept will evolve as Computing Engineering reaches maturity.

If you are planning to start a development Project, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We can help you to reduce the risk, not only through a mediation role, but also by the incorporation of this trend into your resources hiring model.

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