Horror Stories

2009 – Magalhaes – Portuguese Laptop distributed on schools with misspellings

The Portuguese Government implemented a program in 2009 which allows students to leverage their expertise in the information technology from the beginning of their school years.

The program started by providing students with a small laptop pre-installed with educational software, at a reduced price.

Because this software had not been subjected to a testing methodology, some of the components of the educational software were delivered with spelling mistakes.


1994 – “The Lion King Animated Storybook” Game

Disney planned a new business expansion and at the end of 1994, and by Christmas they released its first multimedia CD-ROM game for children – “The Lion King Animated Storybook”. The sales were huge.

The technical support centre bottlenecked in December 26th, since almost all of the children had failed to install the game. Disney had failed to properly test the software on the many different PC models available on the market. The software worked only in a few PC models (the model used to develop the game), but not on the mainstream systems bought by the general public.


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