Testing SAP

Like many others business offer, SAP solutions rely on many different issues and require recurring updates, influenced by business drivers (business processes changes, merge & acquisitions, development of new products, etc.), compliance drivers (governance, risk management, etc.) and technology drivers (maintenance, upgrades, etc.).

Since SAP systems are often at the core of the business support, it is essential to have in place a comprehensive enough regression testing, upon each update. Because of the recurrence rate of such updating, this is only feasible through automation.

SAP offers a product that streamlines the implementation of the automated regression test, called TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization). WinTrust is the partner selected by SAP for the implementation of this product in Portugal.

For more information, please download this document.

You can also refer to several Case Studies at SAP website. For your convenience, we have selected the SaraLee case study. Please download it here.


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