Managed Services

This service enables WinTrust to handle the management, reduce costs and improve efficiency of your testing team. All the activities involved in the team management will be handled by WinTrust, with a strong commitment to any Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place.

Main advantages:

  • Alignment with the best practices in the industry – the incorporation of control mechanisms, particularly those related to the SLA measurements, allows for the production of information increasingly systematized contributing to the continuous improvement of the whole process
  • Reduction of costs – the enablement of a single point of contact with the end users improves the efficiency of the business relationship management and reduces the management costs
  • Growing autonomy – the benefit of having a self-sufficient and managed service in full operation will increase the independence of the testing team from the knowledge of each individual member, towards full autonomy and immunity regarding future needs of stretching/shrinking the team.

This type contract is agreed on a pluriannual model, supported by different stages:

  • Prep stage – corresponds to the team preparation and building period that occurs simultaneously with the contract signature. It also includes the detailed specification of the Transition Plan
  • Transition Stage – corresponds to the implementation of the Transition Plan period, with the detailed specification of Capacity, Team Size, Infrastructure and Supporting Tools, Management Model and Service Level Monitoring, among others
  • Operational Stage – corresponds to the period when WinTrust is handed the overall control of the service.
  • Resume/Changeover Stage – corresponds to the resuming of the service by another entity (third-party or the client), when the goal of the contract with WinTrust has been accomplished.

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