Process Improvement

This Service is designed for companies that already have testing teams established but want to optimize their working process.

Although the service provided is unique for each client, there are features that common to every service:

  • Evaluation of the current testing process and identification of major needs not yet covered
  • Study of evolution paths supported by a risk analysis
  • Establishment of “Quick-Wins” to facilitate the changeover process and reflect on a short-term the new process added-value
  • Updating of the testing process documentation in association with an implementation plan (possibly including the use of supporting tools for efficiency improvement)
  • Providing support on the implementation of the new process in pilot projects.

The involvement of WinTrust in pilot projects further evidences our commitment to the quality of the defined process, and it is a relevant key differentiator (also known as applied consultancy).

Another key differentiator is that WinTrust is not a software development company by nature. This puts us in a privileged position to link together the testing and development teams participating on this process.

This differentiator is particularly relevant in situations where the development team has been outsourced by the client, since WinTrust is not perceived as a competitor by the outsourcing company.


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