Creation of a Team

This service is designed for companies that want to create their own testing team but are unsure about the required steps to accomplish this. WinTrust supports the client in the recruitment and supervision of the team members until maturity and the desired autonomy level of the team are reached.

The service includes the following stages:

  • Identification, through interview, of possible candidates with a profile suitable for the job across the company or, if applicable, externally recruiting people with the client’s collaboration. In this case, the individual may start by integrating WinTrust’s staff and only become part of the client’s staff when the organisation is confident about the choice
  • Applying WinTrust’s testing methodology, with a preliminary mapping and adjustment of the current software development process
  • Training the newly-created team to bring into line the current test process and the adopted methodology
  • Ensuring, at the end of the support period, the autonomy of the testing team and its continuous commitment to applying the best practices specified for this activity

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