Company History


- Expands its relationship with the Government client base to include Estradas de Portugal (an agency that promotes road safety and traffic control activities)

- WinTrust enhances its offer with new services for software quality management and process assessment



- Creates new offers

  • Automated functional testing supported by accelerators (partnership with SAP)
  • Premium training Courses hosting international speakers (in partnership with Best-Testing)
  • Testing on mobile devices (e.g.: Apple iPad)




- Gains the trust of clients such as:

  • Banco Espírito Santo (3rd largest Portuguese Bank)
  • IFAP (Agricultural Government Agency)
  • MillenniumBCP (2nd largest Portuguese Bank)
  • Tracevia (currently known as Mota-Engil ITS – the largest construction company in Portugal)

- Opens a R&D centre in Braga (North of Portugal), in partnership with Primavera BSS

  • Creates add-ons for test automation tools, conciliating a quick creation of scripts with a low maintenance effort

- Creates the ISO/IEC 17025 - qualified Testing Lab

  • The only Testing Lab in Portugal supporting the first software product certification
  • This Lab was the foundation of the WinTrust NearShore Center

- WinTrust establishes partnership with TestHouse for a presence in targeted international markets

- Expands their offer to security test services through Visionware partnership

- Founder member and later a GOLD member of PSTQB (Portuguese Association for Software Testing)







- WinTrust takes on new projects from several clients, as follows:

  • Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)
  • Logica
  • TAP Portugal

- Formalizes partnership with Oracle

- Obtains certification for its personnel on HP products

- After establishing formal procedures focused on on-going improvement and customer satisfaction, WinTrust achieves the ISO-9000:2008 certification



- Takes on a major critical project, at Caixa Geral de Depósitos (the largest Portuguese Bank), leveraging from its expertise in automated testing

- Improves the functional test automation services, offering the “High Automation” approach

- As an independent entity, performs UAT (User Acceptance Tests), on behalf of the end user (medical professionals from Clinical Centre of V.N.Gaia / Espinho)




- Establishes its own sales force

- Extends its client and partner base (namely Critical Software)


- Building of the company

- Emerges in the market with focus on independent testing

- Wins its first clients through partnerships (namely CTT - Portuguese Mail Services – through Compuware partnership)

- Extends its offer to performance tests additionally to functional tests




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