CITT – Cross Independent Testing Tool

The automation testing is a challenge, not always easy to overcome, that consists on a simple and easy way to generate test scripts without sacrificing future maintenance thereof.  

Since WinTrust is a company permanently focused of the market needs, it has developed an add-on tool in its R&D centre which enables overcoming that limitation, through the so-called “keyword-driven” technique.

Under the CITT (Cross Independent Testing Tool) designation, this add-on relies on market tools for the execution of automated functional testing thus obviating the need for the tester (responsible for the automation) to be a proficient developer and allowing him/her to focus entirely on business and test case design techniques.

This presents several advantages:

  • It complements the existing market solutions – the client may continue to use their favourite tool while taking advantage of this add-on
  • The test steps feature intuitive commands (actions), in line with the actions performed on a manual test.
  • Since the test steps correspond to database records, the maintenance effort is highly reduced as it turns out that data is easier to maintain than code.
  • A unique script interprets and bridges the commands with the tool already used for the automated functional testing
  • Facilitates the re-use of test cases
  • Provided in a SaaS Model (Software as a Service)

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